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  2. The more specific your keywords, the more targeted your search
  3. It's a good idea to specify Country or Province (Especially when looking for an island property, lest you pull up ALL the PEI listings). British Columbia and Prince Edward Island can be abbreviated to BC and PEI, respectively.
  4. If looking for en axact phrase, put it in quotes, eg. "Pets: No"
  5. Some useful keywords to help refine your search include:
    • Rental
    • Sale
    • Land/Lot
    • "Pets: Yes" or "Pets: No"
    • "Smoking: Yes" or "Smoking: No"
    • Wheelchair
    • Name of Specific Lake/River
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It is important to note that every page on our site will eventually be indexed by Google and available via this search. However, new listings may take a few days or weeks to appear and terminated listings may disappear from our site but still show up in the search. Additionally, many of our links point to other websites rather than pages contained within our domain. These pages will not show up in this search. As such, it is recommended you use our Rental and Sales by region method if you don't find what you're looking for here. This ensures you will indeed see EVERY listing we have.
Keywords Meaning
Ontario Rental "Pets: Yes" Telephone Look for a rental in the province of Ontario that allows pets and has telephone service
PEI Sale Charlottetown Look for a Sale in the province of Prince Edward Island near Charlottetown

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