Lillooet Lake Lodge Photo Gallery

Breathtaking waterfall close to the property.
300M walking distance through fairytale forest.
Cabin 1
Lovely View,
Bright, Climbing Roses
Wild Flowerbeds
Sleeps 4

View of the property from a boating perspective Gorgeous view from all Cabins!

Lillooet Lake Lodge around Christmas-time. See the snowflakes falling down while sitting in your warm and comfy cabin, listening to the wood crackling in the fireplace
A sandy private beach, nearby
Driftwood pieces come in many ways
Natural art perfection!

There are still some places in the world where time stands still. Come and Enjoy!
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Cabin 1

Cabin 2
Private, Great Views,
Rustic, Cozy, Sleeps 4,
Sun Deck

Cabin 3
Largest Unit - Sleeps 4. Double Bed + 2 Single Beds
Very Lakefront. Sundeck. Spacious Livingroom
Honeysuckle Vines and Climbing Roses Adorn this Cabin

Cabin 4

Cabin 5
Spacious, One Room, Antique Parlour Stove, Private Bath
Cosy, Private - Lovely Wildflowers,
Sun Deck, Sleeps 2

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