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Clear Lake Riding Stable is located at Clear Lake Farm outside the village of Magnetawan, Ontario, about 3 hours north of Toronto. The 220 acre farm has a unique and beautiful setting, fronting on Clear Lake (a.k.a. Newell Lake) with over one kilometre of shoreline.

Clear Lake Riding Stable is the only public trail riding stable in Ontario where you can ride Icelandic Horses.

The history of the Icelandic Horse can be traced all the way back to the settlement of the country in the late 9th century. Vikings, settling in Iceland, brought with them their best horses of various origin, though mostly of Germanic descent. The rough climate of Iceland and over ten centuries of pure breeding developed a strong, powerful horse, tough and independent, a horse that a rider can rely on in every situation. One of the attractive features of the Icelandic Horse is its versatility. It is a four- or five-gaited horse, making it exceptional in comparison with other breeds. In addition to the three basic gaits, the walk, the trot and the gallop, a four gaited Icelandic Horse masters tölt (a four-beat gait without a moment of suspension) and a five-gaited Icelandic masters tölt and pace (a lateral gait with a moment of suspension, only ridden at racing speed). Icelandic Horses have gained most of their popularity due to their ability to tölt. For an Icelandic Horse enthusiast there is probably no greater pleasure than to enjoy nature while riding a good tölter. At Clear Lake Riding Stable you have the opportunity to ride this very smooth, magic gait – the tölt.

The public trail rides at Clear Lake Riding Stable are available by appointment only from May 15 until November 30, weather permitting. We welcome everybody to our public trail rides. The Icelandic Horse is a horse for everyone. Its good temperament and behaviour make it suitable for children and adults alike. Whether you have never been on a horse or are an experienced rider, we will provide the perfect horse for you. Rides can be customized to suit various abilities and interests. We want you to have fun, but also to be safe! Feel the magical tölt of the magnificent Icelandic Horse and enjoy nature in an environment of serenity and peace.

We offer:

Trail ride 1 hour $ 45 tax incl.
Trail ride 2 hours $ 80 tax incl.
Day trip (4-5 hours) $ 150 tax incl.

Please note:

Being in business since 2000 Clear Lake Riding Stable is already well known in the area and during the summer months you might have to book your ride a couple of days ahead of time. Make sure you can try these unique horses and call for your appointment a.s.a.p.: (705) 387-4464

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Clear Lake Riding Stable,
RR #1, 2245 Ahmic Lake Road, Magnetawan, ON,
Phone / Fax (705) 387-4464