Questions and Answers
How do I Contact CottageLINK?
1-800-734-3992 (Canada and USA)
1-519-746-1959 (Local K-W)
Mailing Address:
106 Valley Ridge Cr.
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA
N2T 1X2

Q: What do other people think of CottageLINK?
Click here to see some customer opinions about CottageLINK.
Q: What does it cost to list my property with CottageLINK?
Our basic ad costs only $40 (+ GST)per year. This includes complete property details, two photos and 50 words of your own choosing!
Q: How does CottageLINK advertise?
A number of ways - Internet search engines, Newspapers (cottage rental section), magazines (eg. Cottage Life) and selective presence in trade shows with a cottage theme
Q: What am I getting when I use CottageLINK?
CottageLINK is an advertising service. We are not agents or brokers. Placing an ad with CottageLINK is like placing an ad in a newspaper for a private rental or sale. The renter or buyer contacts the owner directly.
Q: Are there any other fees?
New listings pay a 1-time $20 set-up fee ($5 for direct links) and a $40 annual listing fee. We do not work on a commission basis. If you wish to extend your listing beyond the basics, see the next item.
Q: Can I customize my ad?
Certainly. CottageLINK can give your ad a personal touch with your direction. Our fees are a very competitive $50/hour for page design. You can also make additions to the basic ad as follows:

Q: I already have my property listed with a realtor, can I list with CottageLINK?
In most cases this presents no problem. You should discuss it with your listing agent beforehand, however, as contracts may vary.
Q: I'm a realtor - can I list with CottageLINK?
Of course! We have a number of agents displaying their listings on our site. In fact, if you are an agent and have enough listings we'll set up a personal page for you, and may even offer volume discounts for listings. Please call if you are interested in this. It is a great way for cottage country realtors to access the major market areas as a supplement to (or even in place of) print ads!
Q: I have a resort with several cottages. What are my options?
You have as many options as you like. You may wish to do any of:
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